Reiki Healing & Meditation

Reiki (meaning light and energy) is a Japanese (now gone word-wide) form of bodywork in which the Practitioner channels positive energy and light to the client in order to encourage healing. This channeling also detoxes any negative energy and breaks down any blockage which may be preventing the client to feel their best mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki is a therapeutic, holistic benefit to help rest, restore and recharge the mind, body and soul. It clears your mind, opens your heart and taps into your intuition. Reiki is a great tool to help cope with negative feelings (such as anxiety, anger, sadness, confusion and hurt). Reiki is not magic, but it is medicine--medicine for the soul.

Just like a massage, reiki is in an ambiance setting with meditation music and soft lighting/candles, channeled by a certified Reiki Practitioner. You are fully dressed, on a table and guided into meditation, followed by a reiki healing treatment.

Please be advised, Reiki Practitioners are not Doctors. We cannot diagnose, nor treat medical conditions that may require medical attention. Reiki is spiritual, however not religious, therefor is open to all religions. Reiki is based off of your higher-self (openness) and universal vibrations, along with my energy.

This session is for Reiki/meditation only. This space is not held for coaching.

50 Minute Session = $75

Buy a Package of 3 Sessions = $215 (save $10)

Additional Reiki Healing Techniques:

Sinus Headache Healing consists of reiki, essential oils that open up your sinuses while working with pressure points to help release blockage of the upper respiratory. = $95


CranioSacral Massage Therapy  fused with reiki, essential oils used for calming anxiety and restlessness of the body.


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