Monthly Guided Group Meditation $30
Wednesday 5/11 - Wednesday 6/1 - Wednesday July 7/7 @ 6pm
Every month there is a new theme for our guided meditations. This is open to all levels- especially beginners since it's guided. This monthly meditation takes place in Port Jeff Station. Come rest, relax, and rejuvenate with like-minded people in a serene and sacred place for your soul. 

Toxic Relationship Support Group $20
At this time, this group is via ZOOM only. The in-person option will be offered this summer. Once a month, we meet up to get support and be supportive. Toxic relationships are not just romantic. They are parents. They are children. They are siblings. They are cousins. They are friends. It is addiction. It is mental health. It is narcissism. It is abuse. Are you entangled in a toxic relationship? Are you exhausted of the vicious codependent cycle of the coming and going? Are you depleted and feeling alone? That's because you have strayed too far from your soul-home. Learn techniques to "come back home". Next ZOOM support group is Tuesday 6/14 at 6pm.

Women's Sisterhood Circle $33
This open, sacred space is created for laughter and tears. In a non-judgment environment we will talk, we will play, we will heal. This real and raw group is catered to talk about love, life, family, work, relationships, fears, dreams, anything, and everything. Come meet women of diverse backgrounds- open to all ages, religion, and ethnicities. Let's teach each other - let's learn from each other. Women in this sacred sisterhood will have access to a private Facebook page, as well as special invites to get togethers. The next circle is Thursday 5/26 at 6pm, which is offered in person in Manorville, and via zoom as well. Please specify which you'll be joining.

Teen Connection Group (Mind, Body & Soul)
This drop-off group is open to ages 16 - 20 years old of all abilities and involves a variety of holistic techniques such as stretching, meditating, breath work, energy work, yoga, art, music, and games. Students will learn how to connect with themselves and how to connect with others. Teachings for this group are mindfulness, awareness, and coping skills. This group is offered every Wednesday 1:00-3:00 in Port Jeff Station. The fee for this group is $100 per week/ some financial programs are accepted. Please email to get on the waiting list.

Mom* & Me Energy-Work (*any caretaker)
This group is open to ages 11 - 17 years old of all abilities. During this workshop, we will simply learn about energy and connection. We will experience a short few-minutes meditation and do an energy-work exercise. The energy-work exercise instructs the child and mom/caretaker how to connect with each other without words. There is no pressure for children with these exercises- they are not expected to accomplish, nor sit still and silent for the few minutes. This workshop is not necessarily to teach them all, but to expose them to these techniques with the option for them with/without you to further explore. This workshop will take place on Wednesday, June 15th at 6:00 in Port Jeff Station. The fee is $50, which includes both child and mom/caretaker. You must register - seats are limited to 4 couples (8 people).

Love donation. <3
No donation is too little because it goes towards a big cause. This generous donation helps cover any expenses that one may need that has a financial burden and will be applied to scholarships, sliding scale fee, and any groups that I may hold at no charge.