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Past Life Regression Experience
Wednesday, March 15th | 7:00pm | $90
Maria of Sacred Rose Herbs will be facilitating this experience by beginning this group with a teaching, then leading into a soul divination of regression. This experience is like no other- pealing layers of past life, integrating your journey. 
To register, a $20 non-refundable deposit is required.
The balance is paid at the event.

Group Meditation
Thursday, March 9th | 6:30pm | $30
Every month there is a new theme for our guided meditations. This is open to all levels- especially beginners. Come rest, relax, and rejuvenate with like-minded people in a serene and sacred place for your soul. We have chairs, but please feel free to bring your own, as well as a blanket and water if you'd like.

Toxic Relationship Support Group $20
At this time, this group is via PHONE only. Once a month, we meet up to get support and be supportive. Toxic relationships are not just romantic. They are parents. They are children. They are siblings. They are cousins. They are friends. It is addiction. It is mental health. It is narcissism. It is abuse. Are you entangled in a toxic relationship? Are you exhausted of the vicious codependent cycle of the coming and going? Are you depleted and feeling alone? That's because you have strayed too far from your soul-home. Learn techniques to "come back home".

Women's Group $30
This open, sacred space is created for laughter + tears. Every month is a new theme of love, life, family, work, relationships, fears, dreams, and more. Come meet women of diverse backgrounds- open to all ages, religions and ethnicities. Let's teach each other - let's learn from each other. Each group starts with a short few-minute holistic exercise, then we go into our monthly topic, and finish with a flow of open space for anything and everything. This group will now be held in Manorville starting this spring.

Teen Holistic Workshop (three week series)
This workshop is for middle-school + high-school-age kids.
In these three weeks, your teen will learn healthy coping skills + techniques for anxiety and stress through awareness + mindfulness teachings. We will be studying + practicing meditation at the first class, followed by a class of energy-work, and finishing with our reiki class.
Our next workshop will be opening spring 2023.
It is $150/child. Sibling discount offered.
Financial burden assistance also offered.

Please email to get on the waiting list.

Mom* & Me Energy-Work (*any caretaker)
This group is open to elementary-age children. During this workshop, we will simply learn about energy + connection. We will experience a short few-minutes meditation and do an energy-work exercise. The energy-work exercise instructs the child and mom/caretaker how to connect with each other without words. This workshop is meant to expose them to techniques to further explore.
At this time, we do not have another scheduled.
Please email to get on the waiting list.

If you plan on attending groups + workshops, this may be for you!
Ask for a free loyalty card!
Bring this card to ANY event at SOULtique and you will receive credit on your loyalty card. Once you have reached your 10th event, it will be ON US*
*10th event is for Deanna's events only and is valid for a $25 credit.
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