Personal Day Retreat

Just For You!

This space is reserved and customized especially for you, for us to work together on toxic relationships, spirituality or open-space empowerment. A three hour space filled holistic therapy and/or life coaching. During this time we will explore your blueprint of life (past, present and future), working together on your cycle of pattern and behavior of coping skills and defense mechanisms. This sacred space will invite you to mindfulness and awareness.

Toxic Relationship Day Retreat: For the person who wants to go deep into the understanding of the cycle of codependency. During these three hours, I will give you the tools to help build a happier and healthier life in your relationships, with the awareness and accountability of your own part of this type of unhealthy relationship.

Spiritual Day Retreat: For the person who wants light and love within their own divine purpose. To those seeking personal growth and openness outside of their comfort zone. Together, we will make the perfect soul-recipe of your tasting during these three hours.

Open-space Empowerment Day Retreat: This space is just that-- open-- bringing empowerment and inspiration. This space is created for you to touch on any area(s) of my expertise. We may fuse holistic therapies as well during this time. Unlike the other two day retreats where we focus on 1 area, as I guide, this open-space day retreat, allows you to do the guiding (questions/curiosity/learning) on anything from toxic relationships and spirituality to my own personal experience and learnings of the mind, body and soul. This space is created for us to plant the seed of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth together.

Three Hour Day Retreat

Starts at $390.


Port Jefferson Station NY United States 11776


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