Spiritual Guidance

A New Mindset

You must UNlearn everything you've been taught in order to learn your truth. Your belief system is the seed of your spirituality. Your truth stems from that. Your life is what blooms from it. Let's plant this seed together.

Spirituality goes beyond a belief; it becomes a lifestyle. It becomes your coping skills, your thoughts, your words, your actions, your relationships.

I specialize in this, because I have not found, but created my spirituality. My masterpiece is my master peace. I would be honored and delighted to guide you on this journey, as I'm confident in my guidance.

I offer an hour long session, as well as a 3-month package consisting of 6 meet-ups (bi-weekly) at the office or sometimes at a local location to fit the soul. Reasonable email is also available in between sessions in the 3 month duration. This package may also involve energy-work and some soul-work ("homework") to do in between sessions, as I feel hands-on work plays an important part to our spirituality, just as stillness does.

1 Hour Session $80


3-Month Package $999


Port Jefferson Station NY United States 11776


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