Toxic Relationship Coaching

Break the cycle

A toxic relationship is a very serious matter, depleting the mind, body and soul. Co-dependent relationships are a vicious cycle, just as any addiction.

The drastic highs, the drastic lows, the withdrawal during a break-up (unlike a healthy heartbreak), the relapse of going back, regardless of knowing how bad it is. Mentally and physically feeling sick when you're apart, and even feeling sick when you're together. Each round, you lose your self-worth as you desperately try to find worth in the relationship.

Breaking a habit, a deep cycle, an addiction is not easy to do, and certainly without the proper support, understanding and guidance. Leaving a toxic relationship is not the hard part as you already know if you're in/have been in this type of relationship. I'm sure you (or they) have left several times, as that's what toxic people do -- they easily come and even more so-- they easily go, taking a piece of you every time. 

The hard part is staying out of this relationship.

I personally know how difficult it is-- how draining each day in is, but I also know how free it is once it's done, and how light each day is out.

Unlike my other services that are not time sensitive (and actually would defeat it's effect if given a timeline) this particular work of toxic relationship coaching MUST be consistent and must NOT have any breaks in work.


Therefor, my toxic relationship coaching is offered as a 3 month package. This type of session may be done in-office or via phone.

Toxic Relationship Coaching consists:

-(8) hour long sessions (the 1st month is weekly, the 2nd and 3rd month are bi-weekly) of talk-therapy and (not limited to) coping tools, mindfulness and energy-work.

-Reasonable email support throughout the 3 months.

-(2) 20 minute calls to be used whenever you need during the 3 months.

-Useful material (articles, vlogs, books, etc.).

-Discounted rates to any workshops/support groups during the 3 months.

All of this 3 month coaching for $1,297.00 


Port Jefferson Station NY United States 11776


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