Transformational Coaching

"When you focus on everything at once, you focus on nothing at all."

Let's get to the core of your issue- which we focus on one, because we want to be tentative to it. Let's figure out what is holding you back? Where do you need support? Where is the crack? Let's fill this crack with light. What needs to be heard? What needs to be seen? Let's cultivate growth, health and love as you begin your process of change. Let's untangle your wings. We go deep. I will provide a safe, scared place for you to transform. I will help navigate you through the change. Change your way of thinking by learning mindfulness, change your repetitive behavior by learning awareness. I will give you the tools to build a healthier way of coping and happier version of yourself. Explore your patterns and expand your coping skills; perhaps go to areas you didn't even know existed within yourself. This transformation coaching is a soulful, holistic approach-  it's hands-on. It goes beyond talking. We map out a plan, which may include some work at home, such as something simple and fun or something deep, going to the root. We look at your blueprint to understand your blocks, triggers and coping. You deserve the laughter, love, life that you are seeking. I offer this work in a 3 month service or a 1 day service.

Coaching Options

Inspirational Session (Via phone only) NEW OFFERING!

This is a single inspirational session being offered for those at a stand-still needing coaching and support on one issue. This is an hour call to help untangle your thoughts and guide you back home to your core, where there's less confusion. Let's take a step back from your thoughts, so that you can understand your feelings. Connect with your truth.


Investment: $250.00


Three Month Service (Via Phone)

During these 3 months, you will get:

-6 calls (1 every other week) that are an hour each.

-Reasonable email support in between our calls.

-Helpful resources such as articles, videos, exercises, etc. throughout the three months.

-May involve reiki, guided meditations.

Investment: $1,800.00*

*For an additional fee, we can do sessions in office.

Intensive Half Day (Zoom)

Just as my three month service, we will do the same work, but within three hours- that is why this session is intensive. Within our three hours together (this can be split up between two 90-minute sessions within the same week), we will go over your blueprint. Let's start with your past version of yourself. What was your typical coping mechanism growing up? What were you taught? We will pause in the present. What are your thoughts? How do you behave? Where are you triggered? We will take a look at your future. How are you cultivating growth? I will give you the tools to build outside of this session. I recommend a fresh notebook reserved for this intensive half day of coaching, guidance and mentoring, as there will be lots of notes for you to take and perhaps some journaling.

Investment: $900.00

BONUS! You will also get a 30 minute follow-up call to use within one month of session.

VIP Experience (Full Day in Person)*

This is a 4 hour in-person session that is designed especially for you from coaching to soulful activities. You will receive the same outline as my other coaching services, but this experience gives you a very personal, personable session with me. We will spend 4 hours together at a designated spot (perhaps more than one). We will do a combination of work such as talking, coaching, exploring, teaching, learning. We will do transformational breathwork. We may incorporate reiki and/or a guided meditation. Please bring a fresh notebook to take notes and to journal. Given the 4 hours of working together, this may be done in more than one space, such as my private office, a local cafe, yoga studio and/or park. I like to blend at least 2 different places. There will be a balance of movement and stillness- weather permitting, a walk and talk.

Investment: $1,600.00

BONUS! You will also get a 30 minute follow-up call to use within a month from session.

Aside from that, you will receive discounted rates for reiki, groups, workshops (offer valid for two months from session).

*VIP Experience not offered during the winter season.

Payments are accepted via paypal, cash and checks (as long as checks are cashed prior to service starting). I also accept payment plans. Please inquire.