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Goal Coaching




As a Mental Health Worker with a degree in psychology, I hold sessions that are suitable starting at 5 years old with a friendly approach that involves learning new tools and approaches to help your child reach a goal, which could be managing their mental health symptoms (such as anxiety, ADHD, depression), building social skills, improving communication skills, bettering organization skills, implementing independence goals, and more.

Goal Plans focuses on objectives that your child will work on to reach their goals, and methods for me to help guide your child while working on their goals, as well as providing additional educational resources and linkages to help guide your child/family.

Sessions of coaching may be combined with useful videos, writing, drawing, games, and more.

This is a great way to motivate and inspire your child while building confidence,

especially during their fast-pace growing years.

“Every child is a different kind of flower,

And all together, make this world a beautiful garden.” -unknown

Goal Coaching is not only beneficial for your child, but helpful for the family as well getting the extra support.

Sessions are usually 3 times per month which are offered:

-in the comfort of your own home (depending on location + availability),

-at the Port Jefferson, NY location

-conveniently virtual

Although there is no set time frame for Goal Coaching, we typically work together 3-9 months, which depends on how many goals we are working on, as well as the dedication, engagement and participation of your child, including the consistency of sessions.

Investment is $50 per session.

Payments are due in full up front for every three sessions (various payment options).

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