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Spiritual Life Coaching




I will provide a safe, sacred place for your transformation. I will help you navigate through the change, while enhancing your way of thinking by learning mindfulness. Help change your repetitive behavior by learning awareness. I will give you the tools to build a healthier way of coping and a happier version of yourself. This space we create will allow your soul to crack open, allowing us to fill it with light. 

What needs to be heard? What needs to be seen?

Let's cultivate growth, health, and love as you begin your process of change. 

Let's untangle your wings. 


Aside from the coaching, we do soul-work. We incorporate various holistic techniques. We also include energy-work, meditation, reiki, activities, journaling, art, music. The goal is to learn these things during session, so that you can apply these learnings outside of session and utilize them throughout your life. 

Between identifying your triggers, being aware of your cycle, and applying new techniques, your thoughts will become more organized, your awareness will become stronger, and any unnecessary stress will be eliminated. This will help you live a life of less anxiety which will benefit your health, happiness, and relationships. 



This work helps activate your soul’s truth and purpose. Promotes healthy relationships. Helps set boundaries. Brings clarity to confusion. Enhances your intuition. Increases your self-esteem. 

Coaching Options


This is a single 75 minute session during an overwhelming moment when you need to recharge your batteries and be reminded to "come back home". This session helps untangle yourself from the web of thoughts and guides you back home to your soul. During this hour, we will include a soul exercise to help release the mental, emotional, and physical tension, creating space to feel a sense of being.


Investment: $150


(offered via zoom or in office)

During these 3 months of working together, you will get:

- 6 sessions (once every other week) that are 60 minutes each. During these coaching sessions we  will incorporate techniques such as energy-work, meditation, mindfulness, awareness, and more to help rest, relax, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul by learning healthy tools to help cope with stress and anxiety, while promoting growth in a supportive and safe space.

- 2 half-hour calls to be used during the 3 months.

- Reasonable email support in between our sessions.

- Helpful resources such as insightful articles, videos, exercises, etc. throughout the 3 months.

- Discount on any groups/events during the 3 months we're working together.

Investment: $1,111 (paid in full)

Payment plan: $1,144

(2 payments of $572. First payment received prior to start and final payment due by session 3).


(in person)

This is a 4 hour in-person session that is designed especially for you from coaching to soulful activities. You will receive the same outline as my other coaching services, but this experience gives you a very personal, personable session with me since it is half a day long. We will do a combination of work such as talking, coaching, exploring, teaching, learning. Techniques that may be involved are transformational breath-work, reiki, energy-work, guided meditation, journaling, music, yoga, art.

Given the 4 hours of working together, this may be done in more than one space, such as my private office, a local cafe, yoga studio, art studio, and/or park. There will be a balance of movement and stillness- weather permitting, a walk and talk.


BONUS! You will also get a 30 minute follow-up call to use within a month from the retreat.

Investment: $777 (any activities/meals are included)!

Also available for parties & events!



Bring energy-work to your workplace, school, event, or party! A relaxing technique for stress and anxiety. Learn coping and management tools to utilize in everyday life. Inquire within.

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