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Every phase in our life, whether a student, single, married, divorced, pregnant, parent, employed or retired, we are constantly changing.

Things can change us. People can change us. Events can change us.

A minute can change us. 


Change can have us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. A stand-still can also have us feeling those same feelings. We sometimes feel like we are on autopilot, just existing. I am here to turn off the autopilot. It is time for you to no longer fly off sole existence.

It is now time to live manually. Take back control of your direction. 


 You haven't been thriving- you've been surviving. 


Surviving with your unhealthy coping skills.

Surviving as you’ve been stuck in a toxic relationship.



As a Spiritual Life Coach, my holistic approach is to guide your soul back "home” to your core by aligning the mind, body, and soul. On this journey, we will explore and understand your patterns, routines, and triggers. We will work with tools to help build healthy mechanisms and coping skills which help promote self-love and healthy relationships. Our spiritual life coaching may also consist of awareness, mindfulness, and various techniques such as reiki, meditation, energy-work and breath-work.

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