Deanna is a Healer certified from The New York International Reiki Center in New York City as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, as well as a Life Coach and Writer. She puts her belief in new-age therapy in wellness, along side with positive psych healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Her approach is both modern and mystical practicing reiki, chakra balancing, energy cleansing, meditation, aura readings, life coaching and soul searching with her clients. She specializes in coping skills (with anxiety and fear), empowerment (self-esteem and self-love), relationships (co-dependency and communication), as well as inner-child work. Deanna writes articles for the international hub "The Master Shift" which promotes health and wellness and was featured in the international #1 Best Seller Book, "Empowered Women of Social Media"* tapping into her transfmormation from tragedy to triumph. Deanna runs wellness workshops, self-help book clubs and support groups healing the mind, body and soul.



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