Deanna is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner certified from The New York International Reiki Center in New York City since 2014, as well as a Life Coach, Teacher, and Writer.


Her work as a Healer is a holistic approach to align the mind, body, and soul to encourage healing and growth physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


The tools she builds with are both modern and mystical practicing reiki, chakra balancing, energy-work, meditation, and soulful life coaching with her clients.


She specializes in techniques for anxiety and stress, which teaches healthy coping skills and promotes healthy relationships, as well as specializing in toxic relationship support and guidance to help understand co-dependency, including the patterns, habits, and triggers. Her work helps encourage self-care, self-love, and self-growth.

Deanna writes insightful articles for the international hub "The Master Shift" and was part of an international #1 Best Seller Book, "Empowered Women of Social Media" which speaks of turning your pain into purpose and your wounds into wisdom.


Aside from private sessions, she runs support groups, women's groups, healing circles, workshops, self-help book clubs and fun activities. When she isn't indulging in the passion of her field, she is passionately studying her psychology courses as she works on her MA degree. She is eager to become a Holistic Psychologist concentrating on positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy.


Deanna is in her element around nature and intrigued with learning new things, especially various cultures. She appreciates food, art, and all types of music (and I mean ALL types). She loves to travel and experience new places, people, and things. The SONshine of her life is her 19 year-old son and she is happily engaged, getting married in 2023.

Deanna will also be opening a soulful boutique called SOULtique on June 27, 2022 on eastern Long Island in Manorville for inspirational gifts, house plants, self-help books, self-care essentials, and metaphysical findings. You can also find a group or workshop to attend there as well starting this summer!