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Reiki (meaning light+energy) is a world-wide form of bodywork in which the practitioner channels positive energy to the client in order to encourage emotional, mental, spiritual and/or physical healing. This channeling also helps detox negative energy and can break down blockage which may be preventing you to feel your best. Reiki is therapeutic for the mind, body and soul, as it opens up your chakras (each center of the body), allowing alignment.

Please be advised that Reiki Practitioners are not Medical Doctors. We can not diagnose, nor treat any medical conditions. Always seek advice and treatment from a Medical Doctor as well. Reiki is spiritual, however it is not a religion, therefor it is opened to all religions. 





Reiki can benefit you in many ways. It helps the body by relaxing it. It helps calm your mind. It helps with depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, low-energy and feeling overwhelmed. It helps tap into your intuition and higher-self.


Good for pregnant women, women trying to conceive, learning disabilities, sinuses, migraines, body aches, restlessness, pre/post surgery, during detox and much more.


Not only is Reiki good for individuals, but for couples as well. Couples use this technique to help improve their relationship; opening up the channels of communication and intimacy on a new, refreshing level.

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